The Elephant´s Memory

The Elephant´s Memory is a research project aiming to develop an entirely visual communication system based on a set of logograms (pictograms / ideograms) and anon-linear grammar. Engaged fourteen years ago in the early days of the world wide web, the project has grown from a sketchy and playfull gimmick to a vast linguistic system covering and articulating ground concepts such as time, causality, quantity etc...The system consists now of more than a 150 signs combinable with one another, and a non-linear associative grammar .

The aim of this web site is to introduce the project and call for participation to develop a logographic processor and a portable language device enabling people to communicate with icons accross cultural boundaries.

Introduction (pdf)

Any corporate or individual interested in the project shall get in touch with me at the address below. Elephant´s Memory is created and developed by french/dutch author and designer Timothee Ingen-Housz since 1993.Take a look at the english/japanese trailer, and request more information material on "Elephant´s memory" by sending me an e-mail.

English / Japanese Sentences: 1---2---3---4

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